LoveLive!Superstar!! TV Anime Second Season Countdown Campaign

Special Login Bonus
Items will be delivered to those who log in during the available period.

Live Live! Superstar!! TV Anime Second Season Countdown Login Bonus

■ Available Period
From 0:00 on 7/8 until 23:59 on 7/16 JST.

■ Details
Day 1: SR Kanon Shibuya x1 Unidolized
Day 2: SR Keke Tang x1 Unidolized
Day 3: SR Chisato Arashi x1 Unidolized
Day 4: SR Sumire Heanna x1 Unidolized
Day 5: SR Ren Hazuki x1 Unidolized
Day 6: SR Kinako Sakurakoji x1 Idolized
Day 7: SR Mei Yoneme x1 Idolize
Day 8: SR Shiki Wakana x1 Idolize
Day 9: SR Natsumi Onitsuka x1 Idolize

*SR Kanon Shibuya, SR Keke Tang, SR Chisato Arashi, SR Sumire Heanna, and SR Ren Hazuki are the same as the ones that were available as login bonuses and from the Sticker Shop. Voices and stories for these members are scheduled to be added from 16:00 on 7/5 JST.,

Time limited special cut-in voice
You can listen to special cut-in voice on the Home screen for a limited time!
Make sure to check them out!

■ Available Period
From 0:00 on 7/8 until 23:59 on 10/2 JST.

■ Eligible members
Liella! members

*The special voices can be heard randomly when switching around the Home screen and the menus.

We hope you continue to enjoy Love Live! School Idol Festival.