Tap the rhythm icons as they overlap your team members. Depending on your timing, you'll get graded PERFECT, GREAT, GOOD, BAD, or MISS, and receive a score accordingly. Play until the end for a successful live show!

All Songs Are FREE!

Choose a difficulty level that best matches your skill. Beginners can start from EASY and practice their way up to EXPERT. Over 70 songs are available to play for FREE!

Time-Limited Special Songs

There are special songs that can only be played for a limited time. Try your skills on these harder songs!

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Main Story

Follow the adventures of the μ's and Aqours members.

Side Stories

Unlock a member's very own side story by deepening your bond with them. The Side Stories of the μ's and Aqours members are all fully voiced!

Take advantage of the Auto Formation feature, or pick your own members to create up to nine teams. Both members and songs have attributes, so make sure to match them to get the highest score as possible!


Practice with members to level them up. Practicing with Supporting Members can improve your members' skills or give extra EXP points.

Special Practice

Special Practicing two of the same member will "Idolize" them, giving them a new costume and a higher level cap. Maximize the Bond with an Idolized member to unlock their side story♪


New versions of members are added regularly. Don't miss out on themed and seasonal special versions!

Join these time-limited events to earn Event Points♪
You can win great prizes such as event-specific SR members by collecting lots of Event Points or ranking high on event-specific ranking boards!

Score Match

Compete against three other players on the difficulty of your choice. In this event, you can test your skills on TECHNICAL difficulty, which is harder than EXPERT.

Token Collection

Collect event-specific tokens from regular songs and play the event-exclusive song!

Medley Festival

Play up to three songs in a row! You can enhance your performances with additional EXP boosts and Stamina recoveries. Choose your difficulty level wisely, as your Stamina is carried over from one performance to the next.


Complete Goals to receive rewards or unlock stories, songs, and member caps.

Sticker Shop

You will receive a Sticker when you use an R or above member as a Practice partner, or when you "Remove" them. Stickers can be exchanged for some special members and valuable items. They are updated regularly, so don't forget to check them out!