We are running Aqours 6th LoveLive! 〜KU-RU-KU-RU Rock ‘n’ Roll TOUR~ Celebration Campaign Part 2 to coincide with the SUNNY STAGE Saitama event!

Setlist event “SIF White Day Live Show 2022” will be held.

A Setlist event is an event in which you play the songs from a list of songs one by one in order.
You will be able to get “KU-RU-KU-RU Cruller!” costume as the event reward!
Join the event, and aim for the top!

Available Period
From 0:00 on 3/7 until 23:59 on 3/19 JST.

When you clear a Live Show, you will earn “Emotion Points” and “Live Show Stamps” according to the Score.
You can also earn “Live Show Stamps” when you clear all the songs in a Setlist.
You can use the “Live Show Stamps” you collect on the “Box Draw.”
You are able to move on to the next Box Draw at your discretion once you receive the “Featured Reward” from a Box.
If you receive all the rewards in a Box, it will automatically move on to the next Box Draw.

“Live Show Stamps” can be gained until 23:59 on 3/19 JST, but you will not be able to use them after the Box Draw ends at 23:59 on 3/21 JST.
See the event page for more information on how to play.

Special Login Bonus
Items will be delivered to those who log in during the available period.

Aqours 6th LoveLive! 〜KU-RU-KU-RU Rock ‘n’ Roll TOUR Countdown Login Bonus
Available Period
From 0:00 on 2/24 until 23:59 on 3/4 JST.

Day 1: Love Gem x1
Day 2: SR Fumiko x3
Day 3: SR Shiitake x5
Day 4: Sugar syrup [LP 5] x50
Day 5: Love Gem x1
Day 6: SR Yoshimi x1
Day 7: SR Itsuki x1
Day 8: SR Mutsu x1
Day 9: Love Gem x1

We hope you continue to enjoy Love Live! School Idol Festival.