2022 Late Summer Campaign Part2

”Aqours MUGENDAI WORLD☆Project” celebration gift
To celebrate the event “Aqours MUGENDAI WORLD☆Project” we are giving away a gift item to those who login during the available period.

■ Available Period
From 0:00 on 8/24 until 23:59 on 8/24 JST (Once within the eligible period)

■ Details
Title “Aqours MUGENDAI WORLD☆Project” x1

*This item will be sent to your Present Box.

Special Login Bonus
Items will be delivered to those who log in during the available period.

2022 Late Summer Login Bonus Part 2

■ Available Period
From 0:00 on 8/26 until 23:59 on 8/31 JST.

■ Details
Day 1: Love Gem x1
Day 2: SR Alpaca [White] x5
Day 3: SR Shiitake x5
Day 4: SR Hiroko Yamada x1
Day 5: SR Yoko Sato x1
Day 6: Scouting Coupon x5

Time Limited Scouting

Special Packs

New Songs Released

■ Available Period
From 16:00 on 8/24 until 23:59 on 9/30 JST.

■ Available Songs
BANZAI! digital trippers

■ Difficulty

We hope you continue to enjoy Love Live! School Idol Festival.